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Rajdhani is one of the leading Submersible Cable Manufacturers in India. We manufacture and supply a wide range of submersible wire, including Submersible Flat Cable, Submersible Copper Cable and Submersible Pump Cable. Rajdhani Cable is under top 10 submersible cable company in India. These cables are made as per Indian and International Standards. Our technicians fabricate these cables with a focus on cable’s use in severe, narrow, tough conditions wherein they (cables) have to function. Our submersible cables are waterproof and moisture resistant, have good electricity conductors, excellent insulation, and high-temperature resistance. The humidity and water resistance do not tarnish their performance.

Further, there is no risk of wear and tear of cables during live operations or installation. The cable is designed in a way to guarantee excellent electrical conductivity and efficient transmission of electricity, thereby giving the most efficient performance of the submerged equipment. That’s why we are the best Submersible Wire Manufacturers and top 10 submersible wire company in India. Since these cables are used for operating underground or in another submerged environment, we use the best insulation materials such as Fiberglass, Cellulose, Natural fibres, Polyisocyanurate, Polyurethane, Polystyrene. We also manufacture cables using bright electrolytic grade copper. Rajdhani is best submersible cable manufacturers because we maintain our products quality.

Our experts insulate this Submersible Cable with a special coloration that offers high insulation resistance. The materials that we use for insulation guarantee that Submersible Cable lasts longer and establishes optimum performance. Moreover, the cables offered by us can function perfectly in a high-temperature environment. They have high-temperature resistance qualities. They can be used in submersible pumps in deep wells be it for drinking water supply, irrigation, industries, direct burial, fountains, or mines. These cables guarantee the utmost flexibility and uniform resistance.

The cable manufacturing team at Rajdhani is highly dedicated to offering dependable solutions. They constantly evolve to use new technologies and innovative methods for serving customers. The use of top-grade materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing units enable us to manufacture and supply highly durable, strong and long-lasting submersible cables that are the best in the market in comparison to the prices offered by our competitors. People knows us as a best Submersible Wire Manufacturers.

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Unify Cable

Cables having circular bunched unify copper conductors & high temperature pvc insulation conductors have no loose strands.

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Celling Fans

Ranging from ceiling and table to outdoors and industrial, Rajdhani Fans not only incorporate the best in aerodynamics.

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PVC Pipes

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading Manufacturers of ISI marked rigid PVC conduit pipe, casing n capping.

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